mommybugg (mommybugg) wrote,

Night of the Living Dead Christian

What does a transformed life actually look like?

I was caught a little off guard when I began reading this book. I hadn't
read anything by Matt before and I thought I was going to be reading a
type of "how-to" book similar to another Christian/Zombie book out

Luther, a werewolf on the run, is desperate to find someone who can help
him conquer his inner beast before it’s too late. By turns hilarious and
heartbreaking, this spiritual allegory boldly explores the monstrous
underpinnings of our nature and our quest for Christlikeness.

Monsters have always been a safe way for humanity to explore our inner demons. In Night of the Living Dead Christian, Matt uses them as a mirror for our Christianity and asks how we can be truly, fully transformed. The old stories really are true: the Christian life - the full, true life lived in the freedom Jesus offers - is still anathema to the undead in all of us. A simple concept, but not easy. The how of transformation refuses all formulas and systems. As fun and witty as NotLDC is, it's not a book of neat and tidy answers. Matt allows the messiness of reality to ruin his story, so the resolution is at once less than we want and more honest. NotLDC refuses to offer us cop outs. The deus ex machina at the end of the story truly is the only ending any of us can honestly hope for. So while Matt doesn't give us easy answers (that only work in books and never in real life), he does point the way towards true, transformed life.

Matt's books are love-letters to the Evangelical community in all our broken mess. New believers or those exploring Christianity won't get a lot of the subtle jokes and gags, but the story is sufficiently rich that anyone will enjoy and be challenged by what they find. For those who do pick up on the subtleties, Matt takes shots at everyone across the board, including an honest look at himself. It's a great book to read for fun or as part of a discussion club.

Bottom Line: This book is outstanding. We need more totally silly, totally serious theology like Matt gives us. Not everyone will enjoy the monster metaphor, but if that's your cup of tea, then you need this book. It'll make you take a hard look at the monstrous aspects of your own soul. And you'll ache for the same transformation Matt and his band of monsters discover.

Do you enjoy the fictional work of C.S. Lewis? Do you enjoy late-night
viewings of B-movie monsters? Night of the Living Dead Christian is
exactly what you need. You will laugh out loud at the hilarious idiocy
of the characters then be challenged as they explore a life as a

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Tyndale Publishing.
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